Mary Magdalene
Mary magdalene
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Last Supper Leonardo Da Vinci 1498
The Last Supper Leonardo Da Vinci 1498

 The other disciples said to Him : "Why do you love Her more than all of us?"
The Savior answered and said to them : "Why do I not love you like her ? If a blind person and one who can see are both in darkness they are the same. When the lights comes, one who can see will see the light, and the blind person will stay in the darkness"
(Gospel of Philipp)

" Lord I see you now in this vision" And the Lord answered :
"You are blessed, for the sight of me does not disturb you"
(Gospel of Mary Magdalene)

 "Blessed Mary, you whom I shall complete with all the mysteries on high, speak openly, for you are one whose heart is set on heaven's kingdom more than all your brothers"
(Pistis Sofia)

 "This is why I tell you : Be in Harmony, If you are out of balance, take inspiration from manifestations of your true nature.
Those who have ears let them hear"
(Gospel of Mary Magdalene)

Ecstasy of Saint Mary Magdalene by Lo Spagna
Ecstasy of Saint Mary Magdalene by Lo Spagna


Beloved Mary Magdalene
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