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Vesica Piscis

<philosophical terminology> Greek term for mind, reason, or intellect. Thus, in the philosophy of Anaxagoras, nous is an organizing principle for the universe as a whole. Plato distinguished this cosmic sense from the more ordinary operation of the human soul in achieving higher knowledge. Aristotle typically regarded nous as the distinctive faculty involved in the acquisition of general knowledge. As always, Plotinus elevated this into a quasi-divine principle. 

The Vesica Piscis

The Vesica Piscis is made by intersecting two circles that share the same radius. The circles must be identical, or of the same size and circumference [3,5]. As shown in Fig 2.1, the Vesica Piscis can be created by drawing a circle who's center is at point A. Point B is picked somewhere on the circumference of circle A and point B is used as the center of the next circle which is the same size as the first. Therefore, line segment AB is the radius for both circle A and also circle B. The Vesica Piscis is the vulva-shaped, or the shape of the womb, space the two intersecting circles create.

What the Vesica Piscis Svmbolizes

The Vesica Piscis has many things in which it can symbolize. Over the many years it has acquired a significant number of meaning. The intersection of these two circles represents the "common ground",  "shared vision" or "mutual understanding" between two equal individuals. The Vesica Piscis is the common ground or the area shared by the two identical circles implying they are understanding of one another. If they share the same space then they both share the same parts.


Holy Grail


Wondrous Chalice

It lives within

Holy Grail, through the mind reaching for the spirit

It is the path to your spirit

Holy Grail, it lies within the maiden


For thousands of years we, as women have devoted our life to child birth and were given the task of protecting our species. Through our flesh, and countless children, we have succeeded. We have reached our goal.

Now the times are changing. Is it time for growth?  Is it time to rest our womb and arrest our mind?

Is it time to enter the sacred search for the Holy Grail?


Holy Grail, it is ascending through our masculine, our holy creation, our imagination.

We have through our wisdom, the gift and the agility to comprehend it. We have been chosen to understand it.

We reach it when two are one.

It is the “nous”


Holy Grail is allowing men to reach their femininity, leading them to peaceful creation and softening their imagination. They will learn from you and follow your path.

Holy Grail it is when two are one.

It is the “nous’


It lies in Her

It lies in him

It lies in you


Discover the Holy Grail, It is in Thou








Beloved Mary Magdalene
website published December 24 2004